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Carbon Emissions

We care about the environment, and as a business, we are making efforts to reduce our carbon emissions.

It’s a difficult topic and we are constantly striving for better results with the goal of lessening our environmental footprint.


Wherever possible we recycle any packaging materials that are received from suppliers. This can be pallets right down to small pieces of bubble wrap. By reusing them as a protective material for a customer order or as packaging or filler within our outgoing pallet consignments, we have a very small amount of packaging waste. If we cannot directly reuse materials we have an efficient sorting system in place with paper and recyclable plastics being collected weekly by a refuse management company from our mixed dry recyclable bins.

We use compostable infill in our parcels and have just placed an order for new branded mailing bags made from 100% recyclable material.

We welcome input on this fast-evolving and critical topic so please get in touch if you have any information to share.


The benefits of employing local staff are many.

Wherever possible we employ staff from our local chain of villages. Almost all employees walk to work with only three members having to use transport powered by fossil fuel.

It is very important to us to employ locally as we are a community that relies heavily on seasonal tourism and year round full-time employment can be difficult to find.


We operate under a culture of awareness of the environmental impact we have as an organisation and hope that we take lessons into our personal lives as well as here in our work life. We must thank our staff, who bring us valuable insight and ideas from their personal experiences.

Parcel Deliveries

We are acutely aware that all our parcels have to reach a destination and that can only be achieved by them traveling overland to our customers. This is the most difficult problem that we, and all e-commerce businesses, face. Right now we are making huge efforts in other areas to offset this issue and hope for a time where commercial transport is kinder to our environment. Your input is welcome.

We hope by thinking carefully about our actions today, that we can make a small, and collectively a huge, difference to our tomorrow.

All at the Casa Team.


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